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Only Sign In Once

Set up a dedicated phone number, email address, and/or Slack channel that you and group members can use to communicate without ever signing in to CivNet.


Meet People Where They Are

Add your group members’ contact information. Group members choose whether they want to communicate via email, text, or Slack.


Communicate With Everyone. From Anywhere.

When you send a message from web, email, text, or Slack each group member will receive it and be able to reply on their preferred platform.

Questions People Ask Us

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Currently, CivNet enables group members to communicate from email, text, and Slack. We plan to add Facebook Messenger next.
You have to be the admin of a group to add members. You can do so by clicking on the “members” tab in your group page on CivNet. Group admins can also share a group's dedicated phone number or email address and people can then message that number or email to request to join. Once a person is added to a group, they get a CivNet Bot message that says you have added them to your group, and the bot asks them to set their communication preferences by responding "#text", "#email" or "#both".
CivNet is FREEEEEE! We plan to add paid premium features in the future, but all current services are and will be free unless otherwise noted.

Yes, CivNet groups are private. Only you and your members can see your group. In the future, we may add the ability to mark your group as discoverable. Non-members still wouldn’t be able to see group membership or content, but they could search for groups by themes and request to join yours.

Currently, CivNet employs standard security protocols for a web app, such as https, to protect your private information. We do not currently have encryption for messages. We are considering adding message encryption in the future, but we may never be able to offer end-to-end encryption because we cannot control the encryption standards of integrated platforms such as email and text.

We suggest using CivNet with groups of 5-50 people for internal group communication.
All CivNet messages are at the same level of hierarchy and are “reply all”. There are no comment level messages or threads. This is done primarily to accommodate text messaging. In the future we may implement the ability to search conversation by phrases or tags or to message individuals and subgroups. For now, we suggest creating separate groups for subgroups.
Document sending and receiving is currently only available in-site and through email communication. We plan to integrate text and Slack in the near future. Events and calendars aren’t currently integrated either, but this has been asked for multiple times, and we are strongly considering adding it in the future.
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