CivNet is a distributed communications tool that helps small, informal groups communicate across email and text. Its purpose is to help groups meet members where they are (digitally). Group leaders don't have to send out messages across multiple communication channels, and group members can more efficiently communicate with each other from their preferred platform.

How CivNet Works

  • Once you create a group, your group will have a dedicated email address and phone number. When group members reply to that address or number their message will get distributed to all other members on their preferred platform. Members DO NOT have to sign in to communicate with each other.
  • Currently, project admins set preferences for project members. This dictates whether they receive messages via email or text.
  • All messages show up as posts on CivNet if new members, for example, want to catch up on previous conversations. There are no comment level messages.
  • All projects are private. Only your group members can see what you and other members post.

Coming Soon!

  • Smart ways for group members to set their own communication channel preferences.
  • More platform integrations! Facebook Messenger and Slack are the most likely next targets (please email if you'd like to see another communication platform integrated or if one particular integration is important to you!).
  • You will be able to search for other civic groups and request to join on a "Discover Mode" on the site. You'll be able to set your project to "undiscoverable" if you don't want other CivNet users finding it.
  • Search your project discussion by text and tags, such as call to actions and discussion topics.

Please email us at if you have any feedback or suggestions!