One of the big barriers people have had to using CivNet is that there's just too many other platforms out there. To help alleviate that concern we're building a number of features that integrate CivNet with forms of online communication you already use. Learn here how you can send email to lists of people at the same time you post to CivNet. This feature also allows you to send private posts and notify specific groups of people on CivNet. Next up, Facebook integration!


  • What do email notifications from these posts look like? - When you post to a custom list, list recipients get a real time email notification from "[your name] via CivNet"
  • What happens if someone in my custom list is not on CivNet? - The person will also get a real-time email notification. Unlike email notifications to users of CivNet, they will receive the full body of the post in their email, instead of a truncated version, and any document attachments as well. It will look as if you sent them a regular email except they will have to login to CivNet to reply. There will also be a couple of lines at the bottom of the email explaining that the message was powered by CivNet and giving them the opportunity to sign up or learn more.