CivNet is now offering extra promotional, organzing, and technical support for community projects that want to use CivNet for their online communication and organizing. Our goal is to set you up for success when you use CivNet! Contact us at if you're interested.

CivNet promotional support is one of the biggest benefits for community partners. We will pay for Facebook ads for the content you create through CivNet including new Projects, reaching milestones on Projects, and new Calls to Action. We'll also film a short promotional video about your Project and pay for the Facebook promotion. These videos get 1-2K views. For example, check out the video we did for the Bees + Seeds Festival:

In addition to promotional support, we offer organizing and technical support. This means we're be available to connect you with community partners and volunteers and to answer any questions your project members have about using CivNet.

What we expect from Partners

Primarily we ask that you use CivNet! The more you use CivNet the more support we can offer. We also ask that you give us feedback about what is and isn't working for you on CivNet so we can make the platform better.

Is my project a good fit for CivNet?

We've learned a lot about which types of projects and groups tend to find value in CivNet. Generally some combination of the following characteristics make for a good fit:

  • You operate in a grassroots, organic way. Open communication is important, and you seek to empower those you work with.
  • You're looking to expand beyond your current constituent base, either by recruiting new people or collaborating with other groups.
  • You're interested in using CivNet not only to recruit and communicate with new constituents but also to communicate with people you already work with.
  • Collaborating and networking among groups of groups is vital to your success.
  • There is leadership in your project that is interested in learning a new technology and driving adoption among your membership.
If these characteristics don't describe your group or project that doesn't mean CivNet isn't for you! There are other factors that matter, and we're still learning what does and doesn't work.