CivNet Founder and CEO Charlie Wisoff on Two Way Integration

One of our favorite pastimes at CivNet is listening to people using our platform tell us how to make it better. Over the past few months we've been doing some extensive user research, and we think we may have hit a goldmine: Two Way Integration.

One of the biggest barriers we've heard to using CivNet is that people don't want ONE MORE PLATFORM to deal with. In fact, we started noticing that community project leaders often have trouble getting all their volunteers to consistently use one existing communication platform, even if it's a common one like email or Facebook. Older people might like email, whereas younger people use text and Facebook.

The idea behind Two Way Integration is to help project leaders meet their volunteers where they are (digitally) through a distributed communications system. With Two Way Integration you can post to CivNet and have that message get distributed to whichever communications platform your volunteers prefer. Your volunteers can receive and reply to your messages via email, text, or Facebook Messenger without every having to sign in. The thread of your communication is available on CivNet for anyone who missed the conversation and wants to get involved.

We are planning on doing a soft-release and some early testing of this feature this Sept. 2017. If you'd like early access please email us at We'd also love your feedback on what you want Two Way Integration to do for you on this short 5 question survey.