Position Summary: We’re looking for someone who is part community organizer, part social media/media guru, part hustler. You’ll be working for CivNet, a new online platform for community action that helps people connect with like-minded individuals, find opportunities to get involved, and organize community projects. CivNet is a startup. That means you need to be able to thrive in a work environment where change occurs rapidly, you need to make decisions under conditions of uncertainty, and you’re given a lot of autonomy to set your own work agenda. People who work at CivNet are passionate about building community and empowering others through technology, and we expect you to share this passion. We value people with strong communications skills, people who ask questions when they don’t know the answer, people who can learn quickly, and people who pick up the slack without needing to be asked.

Primary Goals and Tasks:

Goal: Support people to create and implement successful community projects on CivNet.

  • Identify groups and issues where there is fertile ground for CivNet to be useful.
  • Meet with community leaders to provide guidance and create CivNet Projects.
  • Presentations and training at group meetings on how to best utilize CivNet.

Goal: General Marketing and Outreach

  • Develop and implement media and social media strategy.
  • Manage and keep up to date CivNet’s CRM system.
  • Network and attend community events.
  • Design and conduct email campaigns to targeted CivNet users and CivNet Project leads.

Additional Skills That Would Give Your Application an Advantage: graphic design, videography, UX/UI, HTML, CSS.

The CivNet Team: You will be working closely with cofounders Charlie Wisoff and Sam Raife. Sam is CTO and manages site development and product. Charlie is CEO and manages everything else. You will be working most closely with Charlie, but we believe that we are more than the sum of our parts. For example, you will often be the first point of contact with CivNet users, and understanding your interactions with those users is vital to building a better product.

Commitment and Pay: CivNet is interested in hiring someone that, if it is a good fit, will stay on long term and receive a raise upon completion of subsequent funding rounds. Pay the first year will be $20-40K plus equity depending on qualifications. Equity is part ownership of CivNet. Learn more here. CivNet recently got accepted into a mission-driven accelerator program. We are happy to share more details about CivNet’s business during interviews, since taking equity in CivNet is like investing in our company.

To Apply: Please send your resume and a cover letter to charlie@civnet.com.